[REVIEW]The Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn

The Twilight,

you should know that i am a true fan of this vampire saga since the first series was released like 4 years ago. me and my bestie were making a promise that we will go to the cinema sharp on the premiere day of every movie to clearly show how much we fanning the story, the never ending love and of course the AWESOME ACTORS.

unfortunately, i was a bit late for this time when i just successfully watched this 4th Twilight on the last Wednesday. OMG, it was a relief when i've been waiting for this movie since the beginning of this year!

ok ok, let me start the review by rambling on the abruptly beautiful wedding of Edward and Bella. seriously, i was already stun when i watched the trailer back then and thats it, it is obviously an over-whelming scene with the gorgeous garden concept of wedding. i know i am over-reacted when that mesmerizing scene is bringing tears in my eyes. hahaha...atlast, they are officially tied the knot and the most important thing is Bella's wedding dress and shoes are killer!

next, will be the romantic honeymoon getaway. haha..i love the part when Bella get nervous for the wedding night and how she seduces Edward since he scare of hurting his wife for a second time. they were absolutely cute together and its crystal clear that their chemistry is bombastic! parents, don't worry as this movie is still categorize as 'U' since they have already cut the inappropriate scene. haha..this is Malaysia lor~

then, will be the abnormal pregnancy of Bella when it was only 3 weeks after the '1st night' and her baby was already growth like 9 months. the fact that the baby is extremely strong and her human's body can't stand it is thriller. and that is the time when Jacob is showing his pure love to Bella will never end although she was already being a Mrs. Cullen. huhuuuuuu....LOVE is pure! ;)

OK, then i guess that is it. for those who have read the novel, surely already know what is the ending of the story but for the only-movie fan, you should go and watch it by yourself a.s.a.p as i think this Breaking Dawn is BETTER than the previous Eclipse. Oh, i don't need to add that the action is real, the sounds effect is awesome and the plot is never boring because we all know that TWILIGHT IS ALWAYS THE BEST! ^^

now, watch the trailer if you are still wondering to watch it or not?!  ={

hemmm..for the ranking, i give 4.80 out 5.00. Ohhhh, i CAN'T WAIT for the 2nd part which will be release on the 16th November 2012 (USA). one year from now!

hehe, thank you reading peeps. xoxo .

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