I am too desperate now..

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do i need to be?!
when lots of my friends are getting married
some of them were already having their babies!
and me?!
still...with the 6 words starting with 'S'!
i don't wrote this because of the stupid cupids didn't do their job
but because of the confusions cycling around me
and due to the repeatative question had been asked again and again
i hate it and seriously suck with it!

i'm not blaming neither myself nor the fate
oh ok..maybe it was mine when i disprove some of the nerdies...
i don't want a nerdy
i want a lover
a lover who is ain't a nerdy!

some people said that i'm making this stuff too complicated
as complex as the quadratic equation in the calculus
but who are you to judge me like these?!
a girl who only looking at the royal blood running trough the man's vein
a girl who only draws to a face equal to Ryan Gosling
and a girl who demands a perfect match!
she is not that kind of girl...
she is simple but seriously ambitious!

hmmm....what to do when people are still judging a book by its cover
eventhough that quote is already sounds too cliche
but they are just not tired of it..
please know that,
i am too dehydrated by it lor~

"I'm not picky, I just don't settle for the less than I deserve..."

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  1. Sabar yea Suzai...that fine man will come soon hehehe....dia tgh sibuk buat lagu baru tu huhuhuhu

  2. rileeeks :) nnti smpai la tu jodoh time kak suzai x sedar pn.yg sibuk dok brtnya tu, kak suzai tibai je diorang balik!muahahha

  3. hahahhahhaha..yup baby BRUNO is always bz n dun hv time for me tauww!! sedih r camni!! hahaha XD

  4. i really like the last quote you wrote. its empowering. i believe you will be happy with ur own choice, :)

  5. ifa-->hahhaa...tula akk tanyer do i need to be desperate?! coz i'm not at all! haha..neway tq dek! XD

  6. ario-->wahh wahhh thanks a lot 4 coming in here!! hehehe..love ur blog bro although i just came into it yesterday!! =P oh oh..the quote is actually not mine but i dunno the author so.............its UNKNOWN lor~ hehe..tq btw.. =))


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