LOOK #36 - HFW Day 4:Vacation/Destination

Salam to all the hijabi beuties...

atlast, on the very last day of the Hijabi Fashion Week, i am able to post my first look! i hope you guys don't mind i'm starting with the 4th day theme which is here my latest vacation with my babes at the Pangkor Island, Malaysia. 

for more information about the location plus to read the whole story about the holiday, do please READ IN HERE: Pangkor Vacation: DAY 1 and DAY 2 whereas i have already made a special entry about it. besides, you can envy the stunning photo that we've captured there and even note on our 'limited budget' expenses for this 3D2N vacation!

yup,  i'm so sorry that i am not able to arrange a special photoshoot for this HFW. so, i just dig in the pics that i've save in my collection as long as it goes with the required theme. hope you will inspired by it and most probably love it yarr..enjoy!  ^^

overall, what can i say about our second vacation together here was clearly showed in the pics, it was exactly FUN! we are all sharing the same interest, views and opinions. so, everything is smooth and easy. thanks babes for being such a nice friends and hopefully, there will be more planning in the future.

lastly, this time i chose the everyone-fav-place, the beach as the destination. however, the previous HFW was lots of different which i pick the urban city as my travel destination. thus, for sure the outfit are differ in any angles. haha..so you are most welcome to CHECK THE LOOK IN HERE -->  HFW Day 6: Vacation/Travel.

OK, then to view more stunning look of the hijabi beuties, do please VISIT in HERE. thanks for viewing, reading, commenting and following! ^^

*** photo are credited to SizzlingSuzai and Wanie-chan from PatPatSiKuLipat ***


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