10 Petty Ways to Look Glamorous!

my aim of this sequence post is sharing with you the fashionista's glamour look in the Lookbook! yup, as in stated in the previous post, there will be like 4 category of glamorous styles that you could be. haha..so just wait and see. thus, first thing first let me share this basic and simplest way to look glamour without spending on every little thing!

1. fabulous new cloth 

personally, i don't say it should be a Marc Jacob's or any top designer's brands but as long as you know what the 'fabulous' means. it could be the great fabrics of the garment, the trendy design or anything. the recommended fabrics are silk, cashmere and jersey.

2. jewelry!

bling! bling! bling! they are always exhibiting glamorous but do not wear too much!

3. invest on some quality heels

without heels everything will loose their power. if you are not own any heels yet, please spend some RM to get the best-killer heels since the cheap one will not helping this whole glamorous theme plus it will not available after some months. so......

4. designer bags

the easiest way is go for a sequinned clutch but a glam/signature bag with also do. no worry, its understandable that not everybody is afford to have it, then find the 'splurge' one. Charles and Keith, Vincci and Nose are the best example!

5. color combo

gold is tooo obvious and do not need any explanation! whilst, silver is suits with black or red. girls, do some research about it and wisely pick the best that also suits yourself!

6. hip item of the season

if you just wearing a skinny and a basic top. then, you are also wearing the hot item of the season, ex:big sunnies, you will easily been noticed and suddenly you'll look glam!

7. blazer/trench coat

the other convenient way to look glamor. i'll show you the evidence of this outerwear combining with any other garment and successfully transform the whole look into glamorous in the next post! 

8. know yourself very well!

although your babe looks so glamorous in her glitters top, it doesn't confirm that the same exact top will give the same result when you're wearing it. people are all differ, dear...

9. Make-up

for instant, go for the classic Hollywood glam look. think of Marilyn Monre or the new version, Christina Aguilera. don't get it?! Red and bold lips, standout eyes (black!) and 70's curly blonde hair.

10. acting as glamorous as you can!

stand out and show yourself, makes people notice the new you. its a waste if you just sitting quietly after spending lot of RM to look glamour as in the theme! haha

nobody can pull the glamorous look as Marilyn Monre. love her! ^^

*** image are credited to Chiara Ferragni &Yuna Zarai ffrom the Lookbook
and photobucket.com ***

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