Playing Paparazzi for "Photogenic" Contest!

Oh my Bruno, the paps are here!!!

what should i do???! 

hmmmmm...just acting as cool as the ice..

screw them! i'm the model-off-duty, surely the photo will look good! that was ONLY my own interpretation of those POYO photos!! hahaha...plz laugh! XD

if you remember, this was taken from the K.L streetwalking photoshoot album. here is the post, click to view Is it Hot in K.L, or is it you?!  haha..i'm actually dying to post these candid images in here but still waiting for the right moment to occur. thus, THANKS a lot to wanaBphotosnap for  organizing such a fun contest called as "Photogenic" Contest!

thus, if you are thinking PERASANly you are "photogenic" like me, hahaha...don't hesitate to check on her blog to register your participation. ok?! actually, you just need one photo that you feel like you are sooooooooooooooo beautiful in it and send the email and etc to their email address. check the FULL contest entry in here "Photogenic" Contest! Promo Free Outdoor Photoshoot.

OK, i've done. although those photos here are POYO but seriously i LOVE it sooo much. i've emailed my entry for this contest, i've pick the 3rd one as the one to compete! hehe...anyway, thanks a lot to my personal photographer, Miss Liyana Adam! huhu..i miss you kak ={

guys, don't forget to check on her blog and lets join this cool contest!! oh, i have to tag 2 bloggers who are living around K.L...hemmmm...

WANIE-CHAN from PatPat SikuLipat
NOOR ILLIAN from ~Home Sweet Home~

*** photos are credited to SizzlingSuzai ***

done! ^^

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  1. gagaga blog empunya contest hilang plak

  2. cantik.. akak pun suka gambar2 suzai tu.. harap2 ada rezeki utk menang..

  3. hi !.thanks so much for participated .
    nice ..pandai main dengan pose depan kamera... hee ^_^

    just nak bagitahu , ada sedikit perubahan pada contest , nanti tengok semula ya .. & jangan lupa kirimkan satu gambar yang paling photogenic dekat email kitorang .. ya sis :D

  4. oh! one morel..sorry ..lupa nak bagitahu..yang url link blog dah tukar .. so..url blog lama tak jumpa dah ..sorry sangat2 .

    wassalam .

  5. suzai suzai..akak miss u too..huhuhuhu..TT~~


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