[Photo] My addictions!

Theme :  My Addictions!
Starring :  the coffee and the mag. haha.
Camera :  Canon EOS 550D

let me introduce you to 2 of my ultimate addictions. yup, the COFFEE and the CLEO! aik, both are initial with 'C' haha...that is not the reason ok. this is what people said as coincidence!

i guess my dearest followers here were already noted on how much that i addict to a drink containing caffeine! oh, its not good for our health but what can i do when that is the routine drink which being served in my home sweet home. hahaha...

thus, Starbucks is definitely one of my fav cafe. besides the fact that the ambiance is super cozy, the FRAPPUCCINO is just as awesome as it looks! hahaa..no no i don't pick any double-shot or even mocha because there are just too bitter to my sweet tongue. haha..

ok, lets move on to the monthly-subscribed, the CLEO mag. this is one of my method to force myself to read an English article because i HATE reading! so, i won't go for any 2000+ pages of novel as it will take me almost 2 years to complete the reading. hahahahaha....the lazy me!

OK, lets end this with... Oh, i can't live without BRUNO MARS and i can't also live without caffeine! haha


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  1. bestnye.. i pon same.. tp, for sure situ ade wi-fi.. mmg kompem best.. ahaks..

  2. untunglah mampu beli kopi Starbucks hehehehe

  3. sukaaaa tapi batuksss :(
    tak abis abis ngan brunoss dia hehehe

  4. icha-->hahahha..tula nk kate sbb de free wifi gak tp i slalu x connect pon kat ctu. hahaha..mmg sb coffee die je. hehe

  5. akk pinky ku-->ahhahahha...BRUNO tetap di hatiku..!hahahhaa


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