oh gosh, this is just too crystal-clear but i still wanna share my clumsy circumstance right now. sorry readers, bear with me ok?! huhu...i just don't find any suitable social network to confess on my feeling besides this personal-beloved blog. yup, definitely i won't share my secret tale in the FB wall!  =P

anyhow, while i'm writing this an anonymous comment came in. i'm very please to share it here as it is a very nice reminder to myself and whoever is reading it....

i don't think the world is cruel, it's just us who are being cruel to ourselves for not knowing the beauty of being in God's beautiful guidance. i don't know why but often times i find that girls said they dont get the best of what they want, and usually this comes from those who keeps chasing the world too much. while those who aren't often look so serene and peaceful. guess that's the difference. so there's a very good reason why God created u the way u are, so embrace and love God, u'll be fine :) 

dearest anonymous, THANKS A LOT for making me realize that i should always be THANKFUL for everything that Allah had created for me especially the qada' and qadar. yup, that is the crucial gist that i've been holding for living in my miserable life. otherwise, i might already end up finishing my life with suicide or any bad-evil actions! moga dijauhkan..amin..

Alhamdulillah....i'm still able to think wise although i know that i'll easily get emotional everytime a bad thing happened to me. again Alhamdulillah i believe that Allah is still there guiding me on everything that i do...insyAllah i'll keep this to myself whenever i have a rough time ..~

tq again! =)

p/s: HEY, I'M SERIOUS. no joke LOL~ haha...u have to know one real fact about me. i can accept any honest admonishing towards me as long as its in a appropriate way and yeah, its definitely my weaknesses! hahaha...btw, don't scratch your head so often coz you might be bold soon! LOL haha  =)


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  1. Insyaallah...why don't you make a move first..or maybe, he did't see any positive signal from you to encourage him...

  2. hehehehhehehe...i dont think so akk..i ni mmg cam frank camtu but when it come to LOVE thingy..haiyooooo im extremely a shy person LOL~ ntah la if he is really made for me, insyallah we will get to b =(


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