[Review] Battleship 2012

Oh God, this guy is damn tooooo-HOT-to-handle!! oh, my Eric~  (">.<)

frankly, there are ONLY 2 reasons why i ended up watching this film because usually science fiction is not my thing! yup, i don't watch Starwars, Narnia, Avatar or even the series Harry Porter! seriously, i'm kinda a boring movie-goer huh?! hahaha

FIRST would be the hottest vampire on earth, MR. ALEXANDER SKARSGARD who is looking damn cool with the United States NAVY uniform (please refer to the pics above..hehehe) . OMG, i was heated and melted started on the beginning scene until the moment he died! yup, his character died at not even half of the movie yet. omg, it cannot be that way!!! my Eric Northman why you were the 2nd hero that need to give the 1st hero time to expose himself?!  to view my overwhelmed feeling over this freaking hot guy, you are most welcome to CLICK HERE ("~.~)

then, the second reason would be Miss RIHANNA who make an acting debut in this film. oh, i love her so much since the day she debuted with the S.O.S until now, Rihanna has grew beautifully and assuredly a style mogul! she is absolutely a cute Navy girl there..hehe love her character so much that suit her edginess and tomboyish look very well!

sorry guys, as you could only see his face on my review. hahaha XD

honestly, i've been dying to watch the Titanic 3D instead of this science fiction action movie but as my friends insisted to watch Battleship, i just trying to be a very nice follower! haha..but absolutely i must THANKED them as this film was not a bad either. in other word, it is one of the good fiction movie i've ever seen.

now, lets get to the point. the story started with the Hopper brothers celebrated the little brother Alex (Taylor Kitch) who was messing up thing to impress a girl who happened to be their 'big boss's daughter. he was totally a slacker and unmotivated one until he will be discharged from the Navy team soon after the training end. while the big brother, Stone (my Alexander Skarsgard!!!) is a very superior naval officer plus a very HANDSOME one. hahahha...

the battle started when the alien suddenly crashing down around the Hawaiian island where they were in the middle of the Navy training. so, they were unexpectedly have to deal with the E.T as 3 of the destroyers (the battleships) that was being commanded by Stone Hopper, Captain Nagata and Alex Hopper were trapped in the impenetrable forcefield around the island. then, it ended up only the destroyer John Paul Jones was survived which Alex Hoper was forced to take the commando of the ship as he is the only senior officer left. yup, DON'T ASK ABOUT HER HOT BROTHER, STONE HOPPER because at this moment he was already death together with the destroyer USS Sampson which under his command! =(

then, there go the battle between the human being and the E.T until when? haha..you have to witness by yourself as it looks like there will no ending of this impossible war since the E.T were very powerful fully equipped with the high-tech weapons. LOL

my point of view as the non-fan of the science fiction movie! ^^

admittedly, i started the movie with a small yawn as the war erupted quite late besides I KEPT ON THINKING WTH is i'm watching, aliens vs human?? aliens are coming down to the earth? LOL haha...

however, THANKS to my hottest man on earth and his undisciplined little brother who cheered up the scene. well, Taylor Kitch is not bad either, he was also a very handsome Navy officer and loads of appreciation should be given to him as his zany character makes the movie alive. hehe..he is funny and cute, a perfect combo though~ X)

then, talking about the special effect in the film. yup, the aliens look real especially their 'U.F.O' haha..its huge and weird. i must give an applause to the designer who came out with a complicated design of the E.T's spaceship! i'm not the fan of this weirdo..please forgive me but i do appreciate the person behind the drawing and the sketching. its awesome because it look scary SCARY to me! hehe.. XD

i concluded that this film is a worth to watch as both of the effect and action are great. the actors are talented and there were funny scenes too. so, its not boring lar! hehe.....thus, i'd ranked BATTLESHIP film with 4.0 out 5! ^^

with Miss Yana showing the FULL SATISFACTORY facial expression after done watching the film! hahahaha.. =D


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  1. best wooo..tp part cium2 tu nyampah betol...xpyh p0wn xpe....hesh

  2. wahh dari mana nak ke mana berbaju kurung tu hehehe...rindula nk tengok wayang lagi dgn kamu


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