Bruno Baby's header inspiration!

By Friday, April 06, 2012 ,

Yo, its BRUNO MARS inspiration!! haha..atlast i got my own resemblance look of him! haha..guys, please don't get bored with my Bruno Mars's addiction as i'll not stop until forever...hehe

then, do you guys LOVE it?? or right now, you are frowning and thinking i'm a crazy girl who own a hat blogshop?! hahahha...whatever~ XD

an important gist, please know that the fedora was intentionally being worn 45 degree on my head! there is no storm buzzing during that moment or any passing-by customer just suddenly slapping on it! hahaha..

look like today is my blogging passion just exploded. was actually due to the less works to do for today. so, i take the whole free time to update my beloved blog in here. hehe

tomorrow is SATURDAY and its weekend yo! hmmm..actually my hostel-mates are planning to visit Malacca but its ended-up only 3 persons are in. so, i don't think i'm sooo excited to be the 4th person out of 30! hmmm...i guess i go for the PLAN B which is hanging out with my other single babe! haha..

HAPPY WEEKEND dearest readers and i wish you had a nice restful one! good night! ^^


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  1. Waah! Nice header. Suzai Mars ke ni? =)

  2. hahahhaa..thanks dear 4 liking it. hahahha..yup u cn now call me Mrs Mars!! hahaha XD


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