The Ship @Pertama Complex, K.L

still with the TITANIC mode as the name of the restaurant has 99.9% related to the film...haha

guys, FOOD review is back! if you are my loyal reader, you must have been read this food review post of this same restaurant  but at a differ location which is at the Damansara Utama a.k.a Petaling Jaya's franchise. CLICK HERE to view it. however, you are NOT RECOMMENDED to view the previous post a the photo were not as good as this one., just stick to the end of this post lor~ =P

now, the restaurant named as THE SHIP since the exterior design of it is resemble an almost life-size hull of a ship. to complete the theme of a sea-going vessel, you will be impressed by the interior decorations plus the service as all the crews are dressed in a maritime uniforms! yup, its a very attractive restaurant!

besides located at the Pertama Complex, you can also found the same restaurant at Jalan Sultan Ismail, Petaling Jaya, Bukit Bintang, Batu Ferringhi and Sri Bahari.

ok. to be honest..yup, they provided wine and etc but this restaurant is absolutely HALAL. the advice would be read the menu's description before you decided to order any of it because we afraid that if it may be cook together with wine. huhu..who knows right?? =)

now, lets check out our orders but i should apologise here as the photos were not as tempting as usual since everybody was famished and couldn't wait for my camera to do the their perfect work anymore. hahaha...

 my forever fav bun that is always soft and smooth.
 yong chow fried rice. the best ever!
 lamb chop something-something. hmm..this is my fav steak!
 mary lamb chop something-something. (its chicken lor~)
 prawn grilled something-something.
the side-dish salad that come together with that prawn above. haha
watermelon juice and cappuccino blended.

HAHA..the reason of 'something-something' is because i don't remember the exact name of the menu. sorry guys, i couldn't help it as all the name are extravaganza long and this dining was like 1 month ago! hehe..ok i'll try to fasten and not delaying the food review on the next time. ok?!

talking about the pricing. honestly, it is as expensive as one dish could be RM80+ but the taste is really satisfactory. sorry again, i totally forgot the price of each orders above. hehe..but all i can say is it was all RM30 and above. so, check your wallet before step into this cosy restaurant or otherwise you might end up washing the plates to settle your bills! haha..

yup, we always had soooo much of FUN whenever we dined in here since the bills was always being paid by my dad! haha..thanks dad for introduce us to this sumptuous restaurant since we were in the standard school and till now, we are fancying it.

thus, surely i'm highly recommending you guys to visit this restaurant if YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE BEST STEAK IN TOWN besides you can feel the great ambient there by yourself. oh, based on my experience, this restaurant is the best place to visit during the weekend and at night of the new year because there will be lot of people. what i wanna say is 'more people, more merrier' hehe...the ranking should be 4.90 out 5 and you just need to prepare the RM lor~  ^^


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