Look #47 - A bit differ with the ALDO

admittedly, everything is repeated, the scarf, the top and even the F21 necklace. although the grey cardigan is the only new item being published in here but it doesn't making any big impact as i have already showing my other grey long cardii paired with that same inner top and that same red pashmina!

thus, the only different here compare with the LOOK #15 in my previous post is the killer shoes from ALDO. the platform clog was my buzz-worthy purchase as i got it at RM108 after being discounted  for 70%! haha..now, the moral of the story is girls, shop during the YEAR END SALE because it is really worthy and full of satisfactory! heh heh heh

talking about the whole look, its not really fashionable as i just grab whatever i have in the wardrobe that can be pair with the floral printing top because ITS SPRING AND ITS TIME FOR FLORAL to bloom! yup, that is the only reason why i'm repeating this look. haha..i don't have any other floral printing garment besides this one which was actually gifted by my beloved sister, Kak LiyanaAdam, tq kak! ^^

while my dearest Syafiqah and I strolling along the high-branded boutiques in the Pavi and finally spend our time at the Forever21 store, i stumbled upon my hostel-mate. she is Liyana and we haven't met almost 6 years as the last time was during the school time in 2005 lor~

there she is, the pretty lady who works at the Simplycity! haha..nak jugak kan?! haha..she is still cute, haven't change at all besides she is looking more mature lor. btw, its really nice meeting you again dear and hopefully, we can go hangout together with the other NARTNIE SYAMILDA JUWITA! ^^

*** photo are credited to MissSyafiqah ***


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  1. pandai piqa amik gambar... baju bunga2 tu very suweettt....hehe

  2. hahaha...stlh dipaksa bgai nk mati dan diberi latihan intensif stiap kali kuar ngan sy..hahha tq dear XD


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