A reminder for the single community!

By Thursday, April 19, 2012 ,


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  1. Alangkah bagusnya jika semua lelaki pegang amanat ni...perempuan pun harus kuat dalam hal cinta. huhu inshaAllah takkan mudah rebah

  2. yup, but lot of them r not holding on to this and even we as a woman, sometimes kt pon xjage juga kn. hmmm.. a good reminder to all of us who is still single..hehe

  3. assalamualaikum
    nice looking blog..lots of interesting stuffs..but you must work on your grammar suzai, pasti lagi sizzling!!!
    you make me smile though..in a very good way..

  4. rizal-->tq soo much sbb lawat cni n suke la kot blog sy ni ek..hahaha tu r mmg grammar lemah sungguh but still im so comfortable writing in english.thus,tq 4 ur courage n insyAllah i'll always trying my best to improve it ^^ btw, harrr npe trsengeh sorg bce post ni ek???


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