Mama, Happy Mother's Day!

the photo were taken on the last weekend when me and my sister spending our time with our beloved mom. the location was at the nice indoor garden of the One Utama. it was a very lovely moment when i got the chance to bring her to our hang-out place and trying my fav, the cheesy meat rice! hehe..

so, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my only mama, Puan Zaitun Binti Kasim. she is looking like a middle of 40 something lady, right? well, to be exact she was already 55 years old on the last February! awet muda kan?! so, please know that i'm inheriting those quality from her! LOL haha..

so, here is my short and sweet speech for the responsible person who brought me to this world!

mama, terima kasih memang la tak cukup untuk menghargai kesusahan mengandungkan adik and lebih2 lagi menahan sakit melahirkan adik. adik tau itu satu pengorbanan yang besar dan tak mampu untuk dibalas sampai bila2. adik minta maaf diatas semua kesalahan dan kedegilan yang adik lakukan walaupun adik tau kedegilan itu akan sentiasa berlaku! huhu...insyAllah, adik akan bawa mama jalan2 once i've enough money for it coz itu je yang mampu adik lakukan for both of us. please pray for it..amin. and please know that takde anak yang tak sayang mak die..

btw guys, isn't the photos are looking different to you? yup, i've just successfully edited it after being so envy with other blogger's 'bokeh' photo for a loooong time. so, i was trying so hard google-ing the photoshop tutorial of it. in the end, i found that IT IS SERIOUSLY A VERY SIMPLE METHOD. you just need to 'mix' your photo and any bokeh image together. then, do some adjusting on it, ta-da you've done! seriously, i felt so stupid because i thought that there is a very complicated one! XP

till then..

p/s: " sorry guys, i've unintentionally 'deleted' your comments on this post. haiyooo..i'm sorry and thanks for the words! (">.<) "


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