Job Hunting at the JobFair

By Monday, April 02, 2012 ,

 with Miss Yana who soon to be Mrs. Ridhuan...haha. btw, go and visit her at ~Home Sweet Home~ 

as i had mentioned that my beloved classmates and I were planning to visit the JobFair 2012 and here is the story of it. yup, some of us are still JOBLESS and we are struggling to find a good job for our ourselves. thus, this recent JobFair was the best solution for us.

besides, we are so eager to meet each other again after the 3 months separation. although, this meeting was like 3/4 of us but still, WE ARE SO HAPPY! haha..just look at those photo that ensembles the short gathering. =))

now, lets pray that our resume that have been dropped at the exhibition will bring some luck for us. amin..

thanks guys for always being there for me and please know that i LOVE my dearest friends forever! ^^


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  1. adikkk kamu memang dah kecik okeh!!
    apa rahsia nihhh!

  2. kak ungu-->HAHAHHA ..rindu kat mamat tu ke? t sy gtau la die! hahaha

  3. kak pinky ku-->hahhaha...akk sy mmg kecik dr segi size especially ketinggian y xsberapa tuh badannyer chubby juge la.hahaha tipo je tu gamba je..hahha


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