Look #46 - The Slothful Jetsetter

first thing first, guys DO PLEASE CENSORED YOUR OWN EYES AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THE LOOK a.k.a the selipar jamban!! HAHAHAHA...i've kept this look since a year ago as i could not help from being so sorry for that~  ("~.~)

why am i being extremely slothful like that at the very prestige place, the K.L International Airport?! haha..its due to the late flight on that day plus it was night where it is a very idle time for me. huhu..i just wanted to be very comfortable with myself. that would explain the whole look of it!

however, i still dare to say that the upper part of the look was still stylish in its own way. HAHA...that is the only printed slouchy pants in my wardrobe in which i always looking for it. the pants is extremely cosy and warm and to naturalize the leopard print, i wore the white-plain inner shirt on top of it.

then, the leather jacket was aimed to style the look. however, i REALIZED that it was 80% overshadow by the flip flop a.k.a the selipar jamban! hence, girls I LEARNED A VERY GOOD MORAL VALUE here which DON'T EVER BE TOOOOO LAZY IF YOU WANNA LOOK GOOD AT WHEREVER IN WHAT TIME! hehehehhehe...ok i learned my mistake~  =P

well, the correction that can be made is i should actually wear any flats. well, as long as you call it a shoes not a selipar jamban!! haiyoooo..now i was regret by my own decision but i'm not shame of it since i was comfy to the max and really enjoy the journey~ hehe...

thank God, this photo did not captured the very bottom part. HAHA..so that is my 'pikachu' papa who always looking expressionless in the photo. well, he is actually all the time expressionless type of person, not just in the photo! HAHA..the very funny thing about him is you will feel like you are a deaf person whenever he is talking to you because he sounds like a nyamuk! HAHA..a very romantic one~


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  1. lama xdrop by kat sini..cik suzai..saya sukeee sgt9 dkt pants kamu 2..xberani pakai sbb i'm short n fat..lol..

  2. tq soo much 4 visiting me..haiyooo sy pon short n fatty juge..hahaha but seriously that pants will not making u shorter n fattier dear..coz jgn pkai y giler harem tu y tang tu mmg sgt xsesuwei but this one die just a bit slouchy..so still allowable for us! hehehe


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