LOOK #45 - Moderately Dressed in A Dress

Denim Jacket from Goggles 
Maxi Dress from Nichii
Bangles from F21
Tote from Seed
Shoes form The Summit

Wahhh wahhh..a fashion post?! haha..lets give me an applause! atlast i'm able to write a fashion-related entry in which i always excite about it but the same obstacle occurred again and again. haha...i guess i should get a tripod for myself lor~  X)

now, that will required me another entry as right now i should talk about this moderate look alias when i'm in the IDLE MOOD. why is it a lazy one although there are nice dress and jacket? haha...because both of them do not required any ironing task. haha..

OK ok, let us talk about the brand-new maxi dress in here. honestly, its new for your sight but not for the wearer. haha..yup, i got it during the Raya Sale with only RM45! wahhh..hahha i was so excited about it. haha..because it was discounted from RM99. seriously, i will not buy it if i have to pay RM99 for A DRESS?! haha..i know i'm being stingy in here because the quality of the jersey material is very good in which it is actually a worthy purchase~

the fact that the denim jacket had being worn again and again, i know i have to ignore the description of it. haha..somehow, i am anticipate about the two bangles that i got from the Forever 21 for only RM9.90 each. sorry, i don't have the zoom-in look of it but seriously, they are a very nice one. haha..i'll capture them in details on the next time ok! hehe =)

lastly, this is actually the look of mine when i accompany my sister to shop for her maternity wardrobe. haha..as all her cloth are not fitting her 'fatty' condition anymore! haha..she was sooooo excited about buying a maternity denim jeans since she complaint that she miss wearing it soooo much! hahha  XD

thus, a high credit to my sister who was being forced to capture the look, Suzie Jane! haha..tq along~


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