Dear Mr. Zamri,

[photo is courtesy to touchedbyaneclecticangel ] 

it just like in the photo above, your unexpected disappearance had a noncontinuous ending. huhu..i was a bit shock with it since i don't have the opportunity to read the very last post of yours. so, i don't have any idea of why you are suddenly removing your blog but still, its your decision and i'm fully respect it. =(

yup, this post is specially wrote for you! huhu..i was thinking of conversating with you through the FB but unfortunately, it was also being removed in sudden. thus, this is the only way to convey my disappointment feeling as i know that you would open my infamous blog here and read some of the post. (pray for it~)

Dear Mr., we were indirectly communicate with each other since the past 2 years since i stumbled upon your informative blog called as i fancy the blog although the main focus was on the men's fashion, it is still a great blog to read!

i won't make it too long in here. thus, my main purpose here is i really hope that we can still be 'friend' although you might not considering me in that way...hahaha. i hope you are still coming and visiting mine here and the most important is...c'mon Mr. make a personal FB lor~ so, we can directly communicate and finally, meet eye-to-eye.

hehe..i don't know why but your mysterious is making me sooo curious! XD


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  1. Waaah! Actually been reading this many2 times. Sgt terharu... huhu. Friends? Of course! Online, offline, doesn't matter. =)

  2. yeahh i knew it u gonna read this..hehe tq 4 terharu if u r ready to change our online friendship to an offline, u know where to find me rite..haha =) tq 4 still reading mine here..


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