Idea For Lunch!

OK, i know its a bit late to post this lunch idea entry at this hour because you'd probably arrived at the boring office with an empty stomach by now. hehe..sorry as usual my dally-delaying can't be prevented.

yes, its TEPPANYAKI! oh, i love this healthy dish so much since it is really affordable and satisfactory. honestly, i always considered to dine in this Japanese cuisine or i called it as a Japanese-hawker-styled shop whenever my stomach started making a 'rock 'n roll' sound during the lunch time.

the prominent reason should be because it is served with the plain rice, loads of healthy meats and my favorite fried cabbages! wooooo...i'm started to drooling over those images. its soooo yummmy!!

however, please be ready to stand in the looong queue whenever you visit the Mid Valley's franchise as the fans there are so fanatic! hahhaa...usually, i dine in the OU's one lor where its rare to see the shop pack with customer. don't know what the secret that makes those same-exactly-shop in differ condition?! haha

ok then, have a blissful JUMMUAH and for sho, have a great weekend yo! ^^


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