Train with "Drive By"

HAHA...i just being told that this is the same exact group who sang the famous song "Hey Soul Sister"! LOL and guess what?? i thought that the singer of this VERY COOL song is a cute and young guy. LMAO! =D

whatever it is, i enjoyed myself whenever i heard this song on the radio. it is seriously an easy-listening one. know what?? i'm trying to figure out the tittle and the singer of this song almost 2 weeks!! HAHAHA..i feel sooooo like living under the shell! XD

so, this is the simple but SHHHWEEEETTT MV of the song. reminder: watch it till the end!!

hehe..cute huh?! (tetibe pakcik ni pon nampak cute jerr..hahahha) don't ask me what the whole song means and the interpretation of the lyrics and so on and so forth because I REALLY DON'T CARE ABOUT IT. i just fancy the melody of it~  =))

till then, daaaaa............!


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