Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2012 is boring!

Event : Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2012
Date : 27th April - 6th May
Location : PWTC, Kuala Lumpur

the main reason of this 30 minute visiting was not just because i've got a plenty of time on yesterday but the fact that my workplace is just 'beside' the PWTC! seriously, after finished the job at 5p.m, i just took a walk to the Putra World Trade Centre and during that moment i could see lot of 'yellow people' were still pondering along the road. honestly, i felt a bit insecure....

nah, forget about all those political 'games' as i hate politic and i dislike to talk about it! sorry~ as for now, lets talk about the tittle which is quite a controversial too. huhu..i don't mean to be rude here but that is my own opinion and thought. let me explain it in detail!

yup, i hate reading but I DON'T MISS this annual event since i've successfully participated in it like almost every year. honestly, i'm not really interested to come back on this year since i've still didn't complete the 5 books from the previous Big Bad Wolf and another 5 books from the student voucher RM300 purchasing. all those are still steady stand on the book shelf!

haha..so, i must claim that it might looks boring to me since i've already visited it on every year and the 'style' is still the same especially the biggest publisher's special hall, the dot-dot-dot (i don't think its appropriate for me to say the name~). it was exactly the same damn interior with the same damn shelves and the same damn cashier arrangement and blah-blah-blah. TOTALLY BORING! plus i was hoping that the new Hijabista mag is being discounted for atleast 40% but it just reduced to only RM9.00, sehengget je kedekut betol!  =P

besides, the main reason was i COULDN'T FIND the ENGLISH STORY BOOK section plus any arts and graphic materials booth. it was very disappointing as my main point was to spend my time sitting in there and read it for F.O.C.! when i was already tired searching it by myself, finally i go and asked the crew. she said that there is just MPH publisher joining this year event and i have to pray for the luck to find the booth by myself because she is not sure where is the bunch of english story books were being placed. wth?!

without further a due, i walked out of the PWTC door!

thus, those maybe the only influences that made me review it this way. anyhow, its still depends on your own experience. so guys, its an on-going event where you still have time to visit it till the next Saturday. so, go and enjoy yourself!

adios with PEACE! ^^


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