Fish & Co@One Utama

Oh, you must have been craving for my FOOD REVIEW since the last one was like 3 months ago! well actually i have safely kept it in my lappy here as no time to do the reviewing. ok, i know i should apologize to whom who only visit my blog just for the sake of these salivating images., let me break the long-waited moment with this SEAFOOD based restaurant.

named as Fish & Co and this one was at the ONE UTAMA. no worry, if you are happen to be in Penang, there is one franchise in the Plaza Gurney. sorry, i don't know where else you can get to dine in this restaurant, why don't you google it yourself. hahha...nowaday, i'm so lazy to do the research LOL =D

now, its time to drooling over the images! caution, guys these are ONLY THE IMAGE, its NOT REAL!

hahaha..sorry only these 2 orders ma and i don't even remember the exact name of it. hahaha..but still wanna promote my ultimate favorite dish up there, the second one that is floating with the cheese! the menu's name is sounds like this "BAKED RICE something". haha..

the taste was seriously TEMPTING once it got into your mouth. the fried rice that had being grilled with cheese combining with the selective seafoods was extremely perfect for your hunger. personally, my first impression is it tasted like a pizza but switch the bread with rice. oh, the price is around RM15.00+ , sorry couldn't remember also ma..haha

hmmm....thinking of it makes my own mouth salivating LOL. haha..however, this menu was actually the promotion one during that time, so i'm not sure is it still available on everyday or it was already end by now. haha..sorry guys no delicate info for it! =P

next, the 1st menu there is actually the signature dish of the restaurant which is the "Best Fish & Chips in Town". for me the taste was the same as the one in the IKEA food court. haha..personally, i feel that the fish & chips is always tasted the same LOL. however,  i must claimed that RM12.90 for this dish is satisfying and full!

ok then, i should admit that this restaurant is worth to visit and my FAV BAKED RICE up there was one of the most delicious dish that i've ever tasted! haha..seriously, i'm no joking! as usual, THANKS A LOT to my dearest sister for paying the bills. hahaha....tq along!

Ohh, the star recommendation should be 3.99 out of 5 and the sizzling stars for the "BAKED RICE something" is 5 out 5. writing this entry had making me craving for it!  X)


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