Best Choreography for "Moves Like Jagger"

i dare to say that my other hide talents besides singing is DANCING! HAHA..yup, i have secretly wrote in my infinite bucket-list that i'm dying to join the adrenaline-booster reality TV show, "So You Think You Can Dance?" or maybe joining the local TV show, 8tv SHOWDOWN! hehe..

however, all those wishes will always be my dream. HAHA...are you crazy? although i could flexible my body into a 'C' alphabet and swiftly jumping into the air like those ballet dancers, it will still look extremely weird and WRONG! because i'm a hijabi girl LOL. how come i crazily dance Hip Hop routine while wearing a pashmina? hahaha..weird LOL~  =D

now, lets get back to the title above. of my fav sneak-peak when login to the YouTube is watching those dancing vid. no matter what type of it, the choreography or the tutorial. usually, it is a K-pop one lor but this time i have stumbled upon my forever fav song, "Moves Like Jagger".

watch it and ready to suddenly shake your shoulder! =))


FANTASTIC huh?! it was super energetic and what should i say about the awesome choreography done by him. totally awesome! i wish i could memorize all the steps and practically dance in front of the big mirror in my home WITHOUT ANYBODY ELSE AT HOME! hahaha...

yup, i love dancing so much plus this activity is GOOD for loosing the fat in the body hmmmm...


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