My 00:15 Crush In The Train

[photo is courtesy to Mike Ladia from Flickr]

CAUTION: be ready to get into the lovey-dovey slash butterflies-crawling mode! =D

last night, i was with my colleague walking towards the waiting seat at the KTM station. while busy talking, laughing and eyeing the empty seat, i could see all the eyes were looking at us BUT THERE WAS ONE PAIR that is sticking to mine! (Waahhhh jiwang gilerr....hahaha)., i just couldn't help it from staring back at him as he is quite a cute one loooooorrrr~ hehehehehe... =))

fortunately, there is space beside him that made me encouraged my friend to just sitting at there since other benches were already fully-booked! so, we seat and kept gossiping over the divorce case of an actress without caring about him. honestly, i could see him checking on me but surely i'm trying my best to ignore it. Duuhhhh~~ you are allow to give me a slap sharp on my face. haha

then, suddenly he stood up and walked away from the seat. i was like OMG, where did he go??? then, i couldn't help from kept looking at the direction of his leave until the train arrived. then, ta-da he appeared from the nowhere and stop exactly in front of me to also take the same train. OMG, i was like YES! YES! YES! hahahaha...the cheesy me!! =D

to complete this 'love' story, my friend had to wait for the next train as she is going to the Shah Alam station. so, without hesitation i walked into the same door and ta-da, the only empty seat was again beside him! hehe..i blankly looked at him and put myself comfortably on the 'lucky' seat. while, i'm busying with my lappy bag and my other stuff, i heard someone asked "belajar lagi ke?". was him!!! OMG, i just couldn't stop saying YES! YES! SILENTLY in my head. hahaha..again the cheesy me!!  =D

while we were introducing ourselves and conversating yang malu-malu camtu, the passengers who seat in front of us kept staring at us. Oh gosh, i was so embarrassed since i couldn't stop smiling (smile yang malu-malu kucing gituh..hadoi~) while answering his constant questions with the half talking and half whispering. haiyoooo..malu giler~ this is what people said as malu tapi mahu! haha..please give me the 2nd slap!

after that 1st question, he kept asking me another questions and another until the train is nearing to his destination which is K.L Central and mine is Kajang which take another 25 minutes. before he walk off the train, he asked me where do i live? and so-on-and-so-forth...then, the last words from him was the best and the MOST ROMANTIC i've ever received! haha...please give me the 3rd slap!

"ok, nama awak Suzai kan tinggal kat Kajang kan?"
"aah, yup." with the frown draws on my forehead.
"ok, kalau malam ni saya mimpi awak, nanti saya cari awak kat Kajang~" *serious*
"Oh! ok."

***....and there he gone between loads of people coming inside the train........*** 

OMG, OMG, seriously, i was like AAARghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...JIWANG NYA! ROMANTIK NYA!! was like the love story written in the novel!!! head couldn't stop saying Oh God, this is soooo sweet! hahahhahaha...  =D  ok, please give me the 4th slap!

hehe..however, NO telephone number was exchange during the conversation and yup, please know that i'm really OK with it as i always believe that someone, somewhere is made for me! he might not be that person who Allah had created for me but this short crush moment is so sweet and i just couldn't forget about it. hehe..and who knows if he is really that person, we will meet again in the future. Waahhh, that gonna be sweeter and for sure, i will make a film of our love story! hahahaha...

btw, his name is Muhamad Yusof., whoever named as Yusof, you guys can drop your number in the comment box and i'll find you back and say that Usop, you are just so sweet~ haha..  =D

thanks for reading though....the short crush story is END in here! and yup, sorry for any grammar mistake as i was in rush and will check back soon. haha


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  1. seriously slap slap slap slap ahahhahaahaha..jelez katakan kekeekee

  2. wah2....cuweeetnyer...hahahahaha.... yusoffffff....u r so romantic lerrr...hahaha

  3. wahhh comel nye suzai oiii..akak nak camtu gak boleh tak..hehehe.. akak bce smbil tersengih2 sorg2..hehehehe..XD

  4. amoy wanie-->haaaaadoiii!!! saket r! nk jeles mende lu punye bkn bratur ka?? haha =D

  5. yana--> haha..nk cr hubby nme yusuf r camni! hahahha XD sengal!

    abg zam-->wahhhh tetibe abg tauw! haiyaaaa jgn r hlg camtu je. u npe dear what happen???? seriously, i dont wanna loose a frend just like that..fb pn xd, huhu email me though... =((

  6. k.yana cyg-->hehehhehe..akk nk mende nyer abg forever urs nk cmpak mane?? hahahha...nk campak kat sy ke?? hahahhahah XD

  7. heehe.."en forever yours" mestilah forever mine..hahaha.. tp mmg comellah cte suzai n usop ni.. boleh jd tajuk drama gitu..i loike..;)


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