our YUNA Live on the CONAN show!

Oh, i always proud to be Malaysian and now, i'm even more proud to shout out that Malaysia Boleh! haha..yup, its due to the greatest news of our YUNA ZARAI has made her first debut to the U.S market on the last Monday at the Conan O'Brien Show.

she was performing her new song named as "Live Your Life". although this is not the best from her but i still hope that the audience will see her huge talents and will open up wider opportunities for her career...insyAllah. now, this is the cut of her simple yet entertaining performance.

if you need any suggestion, hehehe..i would say that dearest Yuna, why don't you sing your TOP RANKING songs such as "Dan Sebenarnya" or "Terukir Di bintang" as those songs are super awesome. i'm also believe that those two songs can immediately touch the listener's heart. its OK if you translate it into an english one as the melody itself are just as amazing as there are! ^^

oh btw, do you know that YUNA ZARAI was nominated as the Favorite Asian Act for the 25th Annual Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards on the last 31st March 2012?! Oh gosh, guys this is one of the big Hollywood Awards and our Yuna was there! oh, i don't have any words to describe the boastful feeling in here although the category was won by a Philippines artist. its OK, atlast people know the existence of YUNA ZARAI! hehehehe....  =))

lastly, GO Yuna go, i believe that one day you will be performing on the stage of the GRAMMY AWARDS! hehe..who can predict the future lor~ now, please know that i will always support you girl! ^^

image and info are credited to YUNA's official page yunamusic.com


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