"HIT U" by Dal★Shabet

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Another new favourite from the K-pop island, introduce you to a female group call themselves as Dal★Shabet! frankly, i just LOVE the SONG and the DANCE but still not really into the girls. mian-hae!

yup, i noticed their existence since the debut of "Supa Duper Diva" and "Bling Bling" but i just can't accept those songs. i don't remember neither i've tried to listen to it nor not (i think i had~). all i know is this time they had successfully caught my attention with the very catchy "HIT U"!

here is the stereotype of K-pop's MV that featured the mini drama and the dance routine. I HATE U!

opps..with the real short hot hot pants there. i guess they had no pants sell in there LOL. hmmm...sorry, i've became a bit annoying in here as i'm kinda 'TIRED' looking at those 'hot hot pants' in every girls's performance, please go and wear some pants, girls!! seriously... (~"~)

btw, i don't have problem with their vocals especially the famous member, Serri. yup, they can sing and dance but i still they still need to sharpen the dancing skills because they are too way far to challenge Miss A, Sistar, 4 Minute and even Kara! huhu..

anyhow, one thing that i LOVE about this group which is their STYLISH NAME with the star in it..hehe



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