[Men] MIFW 2011 snapshot!

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if you are fashion conscious enough, you probably noted that recently Malaysia was having a definite fashion event known as Malaysian International Fashion Week 2011. it was held at the Zebra Square, Kuala Lumpur.

thus, these sneezy look was taken at the event by the famous local fashion web, The Tongue In Chic crew. surprisingly, i was drawn to the men's style snapshot compare to women. they were more fashionable without any cocky add-ons, they were dressed to kill but tastefully and the main reason is they were styling the streetstyle kinda look!

huhu..obviously, all of these are not mine. so, if you wanna take a look at the other awesome snapshots, do please CHECK ON HERE. lets together be inspired! 

OK, honestly i wanted to share this thing as i know that there are few male readers of my blog. so, to be fair i know i should talk about theirs fashion part as well. haha..hopefully you guys love it harr.. 

anyhow, i just done a MFG PHOTOSHOOT together with my classmates at our beloved campus here, IIUM., for sure it will be post in this blog as soon as it undergo the selecting and editing part! ^^

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  1. Sorry to say, but they look ugly! (yikes!)

  2. its ok lor as differ eyes draw too a differ angles!! i these r the less-best among the ugliest group in there(if u r looking at the women's, they r more-more uglier) =( so although these r not really my favourable but i still need to pick among the limited choices..haha


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