How to choose the best yoga outfit

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Activewear sets are the part of emotional and physical support while you work hard at the gym or at home. Good yoga outfit sets that sits well with your comfort hypes you well during your workouts. That ease of mind and body makes it motivational to work harder and making sweating enjoyable like never before. 


A stiff waistband can be pain for you and make workouts difficult. Hence, it is essential to have your leggings sorted. Right high waisted leggings set can work wonder in ways you cannot imagine. Thanks to Cosmolle for doing all the sorting for the best high waisted leggings for you. 

1) Dig in the Best High Waisted Leggings 


The activewear is a sea of options where finding the best option for leggings can be daunting, with Cosmolle’s high quality leggings for you. haha did i mentioned that high waisted can help to "hide" your tummy too? hence, it is more comfortable to move around!


Wear your curves with confidence and be out in the limelight with AirWear High Waisted Legging. The product comes in four colors to have a wide range to mix and contrast. The breathable and sweat wicking fabric makes mobility a piece of cake at the gym.

Click here : airwear-high-waist-legging


The AirWear High Waist Legging has a foldable waistband in rib seamless fabric to welcome comfortability even in high intensity workouts. Pair these leggings with full sleeves crop top to make it perfect look.

2) Be BOLD with your favourite colour


A high waisted sports bra with removable cups paired with high waisted leggings make a fashion-forwarded yoga outfit set. Cosmolle brings breathable and four-way stretchable fabric with leg and glute contouring panels to make your workouts easy breezy.

Click here : seamless-bra-high-waist-legging-set-lettuce


OMG this is truly my favourite. activewear shouldn't be boring and it can be fun too. Indirectly, it can help to motivate you. This lettuce green color is a definite eye catcher! This complete set is suitable for normal to high intensity workouts.

3) Choose the Seamless Crop Tank and Leggings for utmost comfy


High Waisted Bra with removable cups and leggings set is the talk of the town. The back scrunch and seam detail provides support and contour like no other. The set has no front seam or camel toe for good modesty level.

Click here : seamless-crop-tank-leggings-set-chestnut-brown


Support your exercise with this best yoga outfit set to maintain your fashion and fitness style together. The chestnut brown color is way too attractive to wear. 

Workout style served best with Cosmolle ! Order your set before they run out of stock and while you hum your fashion-fitness mantra. Now you can do the yoga poses in your best outfit :)

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