4 ways to wear Happy2U Wedding Collection by Happy2U

Look #1

 Salam and Hi Girls!

Its been awhile that i have not babbling about outfit, the ootd deeds or any topic that related to fashion! ha untuk yang merindui fashion post, nah i nak share dengan u girls 4 pasang kasut yang i baru je borong dekat happy2u dan share the basic "4 Way To Wear" my new brand shoes.

Untuk outfit yang pertama ni, i match the same outfit with 2 different pairs of shoes. Look #1 ini lebih santai, effortless and laidback bila dipadankan dengan sandal. Oh i dah lama sebenarnya cari flat sandal yang comfortable but in the same time must be fashionable!

Gosh, i really love this Naynie Buckle Sandal in white that i reckon looks good with any outfit, skirt or even pants. comes in 3 ranges; White, Black and Milk Tea, this flat sandal is perfect for your weekend hangout or going for a coffee session with the girls. 

Recently, i asyik pakai selipar je kan bila dressed "gegirl" sikit mula lah blur sebab takde sandal yang matching. all boys please know that, ini adalah masalah besar buat kaum Hawa ya guys. then, mula lah keluar ayat "Ala i takde apa nak pakai ni!" HAHA yey we're dead serious about one outfit.

Look #2

Untuk Look#2 i match the same outfit with the Loiel Cross Pointed Heels in black colour to execute the vibe of smart-casual. so, look ini sesuai untuk u girls pergi kerja, business lunch or a business-casual meet up. ha dapat tak apa yang i cuba sampaikan? haha dia macam u cannot be informal or too casual yet still you don't want it to be too formal!

Look #3

Look yang ke-3 ini memang ladylike with the Basic Nove Glossy Pumps yang datang dengan 2 pilihan warna iaitu Beige dan White. i suka finishing dia yang glossy tu dan juga design heels dia yang besar dan sederhana tinggi, 2.6 inch heels. super duper comfortable, girls trust me!

Untuk yang bakal naik pelamin, girls you really need to check out their Wedding Shoes Collection because they nailed all the details that you're looking for. ELEGANT, COMFORTABLE HEIGHT, MODEST YET LOOKING SUPER EXCLUSIVE & of course SUPER AFFORDABLE !

"La Dolce Vita" ialah koleksi khas kasut untuk para pengantin, i know that to find a perfect yet affordable wedding shoes is not that easy. yup i heard it many times from my friends haha maklum lah hari bahagia i belum tiba lagi kan. nevertheless, i can also wear it with my dress or baju kurung to attend a wedding instead. variety kan? tak rugi kan?

So, girls i sangat-sangat recommend you to check out happy2u as obviously happy2u 's aim to cater every needs and every ocassion is such a great idea. they have flats, heels, formal shoes and even wedding shoes with an affordable price, almost all of them are below RM100 je!

Im so happy with my 4 pairs of happy2u shoes ni sebab the size is perfectly fit my feets (cuma untuk yang cover all pumps and heels, you better take one size smaller than your usual size), ada variety of design, again harga yang sangat-sangat berpatutan dan mudah nak shop online je tak perlu ke kedai.

Tapi if you girls wanna shop offline sebab mungkin rasa kurang yakin dengan size kaki or mungkin sejenis tak puas hati kalau tak sentuh sendiri material kasut kan hehe no problem girls, you can check out their new store happy2u SOGO KL, 1st floor. dengar cerita selalu ada sales? haha coz i follow and selalu stalk their instagram @happy2umy

Happy Shopping girls!


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