Look #71 - Sizzling Suzai!

By Saturday, December 15, 2012 ,

OK, I knew that the tittle is executing self-proclaimed sense in it but that is what i can think about whenever i look at the first photo. undeniable, fabulous and stunning right? i guess, i should credit that simple yet sophisticated pelamin (dais) and plus the lighting that ignites directly to my face as it tranforms the photo onto an incredible one. yup, i'm loving it sooooo much. thanks to the unknown photographer! hehe

talking about the modern baju kurung here, it is tailor made and that silver brooch-necklace accessory is the one that i kept on pairing it with all my traditional wears. i just can't rid of it since it is very classy and rich! try to imagine my look here without it, it gonna look dull and plain right? so seriously, it helps a lot~

specifically, the scarf is from F block, the shoes and gold strapped-clutch are both from Vincci. well, this is actually my convocation's outfit but it was hidden in the gigantic robe!, now i reveal it.

this was taken at my cousin's wedding reception that i've mentioned to you. yup, this was like a teaser since im gonna post the overall gorgeous look of the wedding later. then, tq and c ya! ^^


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  1. sgt cantik..both wedding decoration and u..:)

  2. sgt cantik la dear.. pelamin cantik. baju dan orgnya pun cantik. suka tengok :)
    ok.akan tunggu next post pasal wedding ni :)

  3. terima kasih nik..hehe tgk la full review of d wedding. yup mmg fabulous sgt ^^


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