Look #72 - I am being myself.

scarf from F block / tee from Jakarta / cardigan from Goggles / 
jeans from Diesel / Rings from F21 / Flat from The Summit

Location: Restroom @Sunway Pyramid. hahahahhaa..should admonish the akak cleaner since the mirror is not clean at all. thus, it makes my photo unclear and comot! huh..lupa nak lap dulu beforehand. hahaha

If you remember, all the items here are repeated. yup, nothing is new besides the background model there! haha..she is my sweet 'sister' who i met on last night after several years separation. surely, i'll post the special entry by tomorrow since our photos together are all lovely and worth to be share in here. haha

Now, let me ramble a bit about the casual look here. if you notice, i always ended up wearing that jeans although i've another pairs in the wardrobe but this is obviously my fav. i love the the way it makes my fatty legs look slander and slimmer. haha

Nothing much can i describe about this whole look since it is very simple yet stylish in its own way. the prominent thing about it is this is really "Me"! ^^

TQ for visiting and reading. hehe..can't wait to write about our memorable quick reunion although it was short but it is as sweet as sugar....


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