Look #69 - A So-called 'Mak Datin'

Why such tittle?? haha..please know that my colleagues always addressing me with such 'tittle' starting from the high school, the matriculation and even now! weirdly, there was one day when i'm wearing a normal baju kurung and a selipar jamban, then suddenly one of my friend commented that i look like a 'Datin' (V.I.P). LOL. what did i do wrong??! haha..so, wish all their prayer will be answered by The Almighty...amin. hahaha..

Let me describe the look from head to toe. i'm initiating the tale with the gorgeous kebaya(top) that i got from Jakarta. it is super valuable as the cost is only RM80. yup, just for the top! frankly, you can't get the same quality here in Malaysia and this classy design can only be found there in Indonesia. trust me as i'm the kebaya lover who always doing the kebaya hunting during the festive.

i meant, the detailed of its embroidery is very appealing and easy to capture one's heart! the zoom-in photo above has silently describe why i've fallen in love with it soon after the sales girl showed it to me. thank God as i chose white instead of black because neither did i know that white is the coming trendiest hue of the Spring/Summer 2013. yeah, imma fashion-forward myself! haha...whatever~

indirectly, i'd love to describe those accessories that completed the whole look. firstly, the bangles is from Jakarta. it is about RM10+ of that one set. while, the luxury silver necklace-brooches (oh, i just named it sesuka hati saya~haha) was actually being purchased on the last Raya. it cost me about RM45 and i'm not feeling any doubt on the spending. i think you can get a cheaper one at the Jalan T.A.R but wisely, pick the quality one yar. we don't wanna buy a cheap thing although with a cheap price....

then, the bottom material is from Bandung with only RM8/meter and it was tailor made in here. personally, i love the material so much as it looks really exclusive and expensive. no, it is not a silk but sorry, i'm not really expert in talking about material. haha..but all you need to know is i've bought 3 different colours of that same type of material.

Ok, i guess this is more than enough. thanks to whoever completed reading this long description. haha..i'd like to appreciate it by saying, "Muaaahhhhh3x i LOVE you so much!" hehehehehe....

Credit the photo to my mom.


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  1. Superbly nice n chic. Tp kalo bwk smaller slightly boxy clutch lagi la akan nampak 'ke-datin-an' suzai itu... ^^

  2. tq so much! dear i do hv a smaller 'clutch' but i always ended up not wearing it bcoz MY STUFF IS TOO MUCH!! it cannot support lah..haiyooo byk sgt brg i pon pening! hahaha


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