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By Monday, December 17, 2012

Yup, i watched the fashionable series! haha..anyhow, this is nothing to do with the sassy Blair or Serena, it was just us who being them and having our own Gossip Girl (GG) moment on the last Sunday.

I don't know about you but i always find that a GG moment is really important for us girls. we did nothing special besides the catching up with each other recent updates and assuredly, the most crucial topic which is "guy"! hahaha...please do not think dirty as we are both officially single-ready to mingle-available, so gossiping over the latest crushes/scandals is seriously fun! hahahaha

Well, the place doesn't have to be soooo spacious or cosy because 'mapley' is also already enough for us. anyhow, this was at the Old Town White Coffee before we're continue heading up to the nearest 'mapley' lar plak. hmmm...i guess we need a whole day to complete the tales. banyak sangat gossip nyerr kak senah berdua ni...hahahha adoi! X)

Lastly, there is no moral from this story. TQ and to cik Noor Azuwanna c ya on this coming Sunday yar~


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  1. I really love those girl moments with my bestfriend, they are one of the best!

  2. absolutely! it will b always FUN w them no matter what is d condition rite..hehe

  3. ahaaa, bestnyee lepak sambil bergossip :)

  4. ezzreen-->hhahahha pompuan klu dh brGOSIP ape y xbest nyerrr hehheheh


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