Bumbu Desa @Mid Valley

S-045A Second Floor,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.


Basically, Bumbu means spices and Desa is Village. Yup, they are the Indonesian's words. Specifically, this authentic Indonesian cuisine got 5 franchises in Malaysia. This one is Mid Valley's, The Curve, Suria KLCC, Festival City (Setapak) and the newest is in Alamanda, Putrajaya.

The place feels like home since the arrangement of the dining tables is quite homy feeling and tidy. yup, it is very clean and executing the Indonesian feeling very well. i guess, the crucial decoration is the classy Javanese sculptures on the wall because without them it will look just like an ordinary one a.k.a nothing special~

Apparently, they served the Indonesian local dish of Padang and Sunda. well, as you all know that i just came back from a vacation in Bandung-Jakarta, right?! so, i'm kinda unintentionally lost interest in it once i knew the nature of the restaurant! haha..plus, when we arrived at 4p.m+ the food display counter was quite empty. lot of the dishes were finished and they're just looking like a leftover one. haiyoooo~

Therefore, i'm very sorry as it might effect my food testing review later....

Anyhow, i love the presentation of the food! the food counter below is not for a buffet style because actually they will serve your choice on the table. yup, you need to pick the desired dishes and they will re-heat and bring it on the table. hmm...the portion is based on how many pax that you requested for.


Does it looking scrumptious enough for your taste buds? honestly, i felt like going back to Bandung! haha...for me, the food is OK lar because as i said before their food is quite dry compare to Malay's food although it looks the same with the plain rice and so-on-and-so-forth.

Sorry, i don't have the detail name of each dish but my FAVOURITE is the Talapia goreng (not in the pic but seriously recommended!), Tempe mendoan (the yellow fried one with the black sauce as in the last pic) and the Gulai sayur ubi kayu yang hijau tuh~ haha..don't know the name lar~ and the dessert of Banana something! hahaha..sorry, dearest as i was extremely starving on that day.


cukup professional! =D
already FULL and BORED! hahaha

WARNING: as i'm the camerawoman, so i desperately need to camwhore myself or otherwise, my pic will not include in this review! hahahhaha...poor me! =D

Overall, the experience is good as i like the homy ambiance there. the food is so-so but definitely the right place for you to FIND AN INDONESIAN CUISINE. based on my research, try to visit the KLCC's franchise as it looks more sophisticated than this one. hehe..

Then, the total lost for 6 pax (it was actually lot of dishes not just in the pics lor!) plus the additional of 3 desserts are approximately RM280+. admittedly, i classify this restaurant as the premium one or senang cerita standard jugak lah yer.. Thus, my recommendation would be if you wanna taste the Padang/Sunda food, then this is the place.

TQ for reading!


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  1. Hihihi membalas lawatan. Class yet not so expensive. rite?

  2. hmmm...ok la not so expensive but my main concern is the food...hehehhee tq so much 4 replying my visit yarrr =)

  3. wah, very premium. food looks delish. with cool decor and ambience like that, i think it's quite worth the try. =)


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