Look #68 - Laid back and Relax!

Scarf from F block / Cardigan from F21 / Starbucks Tee from Jakarta / Jeans from Diesel / 
Flats from The Summit / Ring from Cotton On

Moderately, this is my look of the normal day and even on a casual night. very relax, laid-back and assuredly casual! besides, the combination of the undeniable sexy skinny jeans with a statement tee is just so simple yet chic. apparently, the look will be more and more chic if the flats is being changed with any platform heels. sorry, i could't make it as this was taken on a late night hangout and i was just too lazy to gedik-gedik in heels! hehe

Honestly, my fashion sense is more into the streetstyle influences. jeans + top + flats are more than enough since normally, i'd play around with the scarf or the top. as in this look, the tangerine cardigan has successfully made an eye-catching effect on the whole look. it was my first love and i wanted it badly because the colour is boldly attractive and the fact that tangerine is the trendiest hue. (hopefully, it is still on the runway...~)

Should i describe more on the statement tee that is obviously representing the wearer? hehe..you don't have to worry as i'm still trying my best to hold the strong urge of the addiction at this moment. yup, i've got it at Jakarta city on the recent visit and i'm planning to collect this coffee brands tee from all over the world instead of the Hard Rock. Oh please, you know the reason!

Lastly, the absolutely eye-catching orange ring is one of the most valuable item in my accessory galore. everytime i wore it, people can't stop 'admiring' it by admonishing me,
"Amboi, besor nya cincin, takde besor lagi ke?!" more 
"Amboi, besor nya cincin, nak buat penumbuk ke?!"  more 
"Amboi, besor nya cincin, macam gula-gula!" and more
"Amboi, besor nya cincin, baling anjing mati!"  
HAHAHA...ah, what can i say when people are just soooooo into me! that is why i love wearing it! HAHA

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