[Photo] Date with my little sis.

8:00 p.m

Guess which one has successfully captured our heart? hint: the one that makes us look slimmer. haha...no worry as surely you will get to see it soon when it is being updated in here. so, who is this so-called twin of mine?

Obviously, i've only two siblings who is me and my big sister. now, she is my little sis from a different mother and a different father! hehe..our relationship was being declared when we're both living in a one roof of the SMKJ 3 hostel 10 years ago. you know the traditional hostel custom, the kakak angkat-adik angkat lor~

Thankfully, we're still connected via the phone and the FB. although, this is the first date after the separation of 10 years ago. she still looks the same and me, of course i look younger, fresher and cuter! HAHAHA XD

Now, lets enjoy our bunch of camwhore photos. you can clearly see the similar thing about us. the CAMERA LOVES US too much until we can't ignore it. hehehee ;)

8:30 p.m

We've spent the short meeting at Sunway Pyramid just after the working hour. so, the first thing to do is having our dinner at the Mr. Teppayanki. should say that this was not the best although the menu was the same. i'd prefer the Teppayanki house @One Utama and @Mid Valley! again, why they're not taste the same? somebody explain please....

9:45 p.m

After full with the rice and meats, we're continued dine in at the J.Co which sell the best doughnuts ever. haha..this was like a dessert since two rings of it cannot satisfy one's hunger. just wanna let you guys know that my fav flavour are the Tiramisu and Almond. thats it. huhu..its creamy, milky and assuredly, FATTY!

10.30 p.m

Eventually, we found a great hotspot@outdoor to lastly seat and have a long conversation. yup, lot of things need to be update since it was 10 years back bebeh~ we're both done with studies and currently working in K.L. haha..looks like we've plan another date since we shared another similar interest, Forever 21! o.m.g

Then, the crucial one was talking about the Love&Life. hmm..this was the serious part out of all. hehe..should keep it as a secret lor. anyhow, lets pray for the best from The Almighty. insyallah..

To adek Nur Zur'ain, insyAllah we gonna meet again when the next month salary being send into our account yar. haha..because i'm scared if we bump into a F21 store and accidently buy another top again! hehe..love you dear and take care! =)


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