Super Powerful "I'll Show You" by Ailee

Frankly, it is rare in K-pop to feature a GREAT artist which means a beauty/beast who own a GREAT & POWERFUL vocal. well to be more sarcastic, she/he does not just depending on the beautiful face or the perfect body but comes with a buzz-worthy packages! haha

So, introducing to those who are not a K-POP fan, she is known as Ailee (Korean American born). a solo act who i started to get familiar with when watching the Immortal Song 2. she just debuted on this year, 2012 and successfully caught my attention with her comeback single here, "I'll Show You".

This is really a GREAT song with a GREAT vocal plus a GREAT choreography. everybody is COMPULSORY to play this Live performance@Music Bank show.

One word best to describe, POWERFUL! i meant everything about it, the vocal projection and the song itself. basically, the song is talking about how she is getting frustrated with the cheated boyfriend. so, she gain this powerful spirit and motivation to transform herself from a nerd into a sexy swan! watch the official MV which featuring the hendsome Mblaq's G.O and you'll surely get it.

Honestly, i'm falling in love with the song when the first time i watched it at the Music Bank weekly show. now, i just can't stop replaying it again and again. sorry colleague, as you will get to hear this same song for atleast in this whole week! haha

Love her. Hwaiting Ailee! ^^


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  1. i love k-pop.............. layan semua lagu-lagu they all nih

  2. i glerr kpop sbb lagu2 dorg layan r..hehhe


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