[Photo] My Cousin's Wedding 1

Date: 2nd December 2012
Venue: Yayasan Tun Abdul Razak, K.L
Featuring: Muhammad Fadhirul Ikhram and his wife =)

First thing first, let me claim that i love my classy look there so much! to view and read the details of it, CLICK HERE Look #69 - A So-Called 'Mak Datin'. the finished look was exclusively gorgeous and i can't wait to wear it again on the next next next reception!

Yup, this is the first part because on the next 2nd December would be my another cousin's wedding. haiyooo...she is younger than me and she is married! oh oh..what am i doing right now? i'm single and LOST! hahahhaha...never mind lor (trying hard to calm herself~), lets pray for the best thing in future..amin.

The fact that i love attending the wedding invitation just can't be denied! unfortunately, i need to apologize to whom invited but i've failed joining the big day. usually, the valid reasons were i have another wedding waiting in the schedule, poor reason: no partner! and this is quite a cruel one lor: the place is too far from mine. sorry dearest...

TQ for viewing!


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  1. the color of the bridalwear is so very the cantik giler! absolutely loving it!

  2. yup wedding reception slalunyer mmg meriah gituh kn..hehe thats y i love it!

    mr.Zamri--> yup absolutely silver colour looks rich! ^^

  3. alamak~~ bridaldress drapping is soo.. mcm bt last minit work,, (0__*)

    i just falling love with yr kebaya.. pinjam!!!

  4. kn dearl..haiyooo personallt that is not my fav wedding dress lah..but yup d colour is absolutely rich. save d moment...hehe


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