fyi, i LOVE u

By Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Just so you know...

Dearest, i just completed paying some of the visiting. do please drop your link in here if you are not receiving my visiting at you beloved blog. i do appreciate all the following. like seriously~

TQ for viewing, reading, commenting and assuredly, following. i love you so much!


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  1. do i need to drop my link here?
    seriously... do i?,

    i just hate all the thing about, i follow, u follow back....
    mcm apa daa perkara ini~~

    lately i ada hobi bt poem, read poem and falling in love with men with poem, so blog i sgtlah sasteranya...hehe

  2. qleyra-->hehehee tq dear, love u 2, 3, 4 n infinite ;)

  3. zue-->its up to u dear, its VERY OK for me..hahah btw ive already knew where to find u dear..hehe n plz knew dat i didnt meant to do the 'i follow u follow me back' custom, i just wanted to atleast once paying their visit as it is my way to appreciate my dearest followers! xoxo cannot do this in real though~ haha

  4. LOL,, i don't means u la... cma jlskan i tak suka tabiat mnusia bgitu,, sstgh blogger bila kita stop comment n visit, dia pon stop visiting us.. nmpk sgt kau follow aku sbb aku follow kau, not bcoz u like what i write... hehe~~

  5. hahahah LOL i thought u're misreading it dear..hahah ok ok im taking back d description above..hahahha btol2 mmg i pon xsuke custom tu bcoz for me klu org suke blog i, die follow klu x..hmmm nk wat cane we cannot satisfy everyone kn..n bt i blog bcoz i LOVE doing it..i know dat u r too rite~ ;)


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