Bruno Mars "Locked Out Of Heaven" LIVE@Victoria's Secret

I should supposedly shared this performance soon after the 5th Dec 2012 but i kept on thinking should i post in here or not?! was due to the seductive runaway show by all the sensuousness models of Victoria Secret that will definitely steal your sight from my baby Bruno. haha..

anyhow, i just can't resist to share the latest news about him. Bruno Mars is performing his latest single "Locked Out Of Heaven" at this sexy runaway and also the most recent was at the semi-final of the X-Factor 2012 which is not inclusive in here.

it is SEXY and HOT runaway right? but seriously, with the featuring of Bruno Mars on the same stage, it makes the show SEXIER and HOTTER! you are always awesome! hehe..btw, i'm dying to run to the nearest store to get the Unorthodox Jukebox. wait for me darling! =)

LOVE my baby BRUNO MARS always...!


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