Look #73 - A Javanese Creates A Monochromatic Look.

By Thursday, December 27, 2012 ,

Oh, i adore these shots very much. the classy look of my outfit was totally connected with the beautiful location there. fyi, this was taken at the Alamanda, Putrajaya. hehe..i was actually coming back from a friend's wedding and thats explaining why i was wearing a traditional outfit to a shopping mall! who cares~

It is not that i'm scared of pulling those colour blocking trends but i always ended up pairing the monochromatic hue from head to toe. maybe i am just comfortable for not being a walking-rainbow. yup, maybe a little lack of confident too. hmmm...but the best word should be i'm not a follower!

So, the top was bought at Bandung. while, the bottom was given by my dad when he went to the same country, Indonesia looong time ago. forgot the specific location but it is original Indonesian batik and a ready made one. should say that the tailoring is bad because if i'm not pulling my 'slender' legs together for a great poses, i'll end up looking as squared as in the photo no. 3. is seriously ugly lor~

Nothing much can i say about this whole look. besides, the fact that i love wearing kebaya (top) so much!

** Credit the photos to NoorAzuwanna & editing was done by me **


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  1. wow.. ayunya dia... hehe...

  2. wahhhh , kaka cantik sangat . very ayuuuuu . tergodaaaa :)

  3. love your outfit!

    makes me wanna wear javanese style for the next wedding invitation! xD

    p.s love this new look of your's great and kemas! hehe :D

  4. cantik syg ur kebaya
    berkenan lak :)

  5. oh u girls...!!! TQ SOOO MUICH for loving it... :)

    lil dolphin, wear it lah..seriously classy n rase ayu je..hehhe


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