[Photo] Rinee's Solemnization

Tittle: Splendid Solemnization
Date: 7th December 2012
Venue: Taman Harmonis, Gombak
Featuring: Rinee & Wandy
DSLR: Canon EOS 550D

Alhamdulillah, yet another 'mosque' has been built. oh, i know whats in your mind right now, "Kau biler plak Cik Suzai?!"  hahaha..please know that it is seriously a very sensitive question to all the girls. so, i warn you to do not simply question it! hahaha..

So, the bride is my cousin and the location was at their spacious house in Gombak. undeniable, the pelamin (dais) is freaking stunning right? i was even mesmerized when i walked into the dining hall. although the stage is quite height for an indoor venue but since the guest seated on the chair, so it was not a big deal.

The most crucial gist to point out is the bridalwear which designed by Mr. Rizalman Ibrahim bebeh~ yup, very exclusive and very expensive! hehe for sure i'm mostly attracted with the dress since my interest in fashion is higher than anything else. personally, i love the flowy material so much plus the cutting of the baju kurung moden which helps her to look slimmer in it. Rinee dear, you look absolutely gorgeous with the touch of Mr. fabulous!

CONGRATULATION both of you and to Mr. Wandy, welcome to the family! :) will continue with the most GORGEOUS WEDDING CEREMONY i've ever seen soon..

*** Photos are credited to SizzlingSuzai & TojoArt ***


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  1. love seeing the improvement in the photography! ohsem. gambar semua cantik2! congrats to d bride & groom.

    *canon eos buddy, kan? ehehehe...

  2. nop.. what is my mind not Kau biler plak Cik Suzai?!"

    but.. why u only wearing t-shirt?? =P

  3. mr.zamri-->tq soo much tp still they hv undergo minor editing la.im not really good yet. mmg la EOS buddy! u la ble nk invite i wat street photography?? >"<

  4. zue-->hahhahah kn kn i lupe la nk mentione psl my dress code tuh..hahha MALU GLER tau sume org pdg! sbb i xsmapt i rush dr office dat day..huhu


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