SECRET - "Talk That" and "Poison"

It is fairly not a SECRET anymore on how much i crazy over the K-POP! hehe..yup, this is the latest track that hits all the current K-pop charts. song entitled as "Talk That" and sang by the four pretty ladies of SECRET.

Secretly, i started to adore the girls when the "Love Is Move" is being the talk of the town. then, they constantly capturing my heart and soul when "Poison" took the stage. it is very easy to fall in love with this group as they have the packages(OF COURSE!!), they got the faces, the voices and the moves!

Try to play the MV and listen to the heartbroken song. the song is NICE!


Personally, i LOVE the previous "POISON" more than this new single as it is HOTTER with the grooves and the shakes. they are totally HOT in it!  haha..let me include the poisonous "POISON" MV here.  =D


nevertheless, SECRET never failed me. thus, imma fan and HWAITING girls! ^^


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  1. hahaha..xp layan lagu die je! best tau..hehe i mmg universal actually sume songs i lyn as long as SEDAP! hehe


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