[Photo] Rinee ft Wandy Luxurious Wedding Reception

hahahha..akak pinjam pelamin sat no...  =D

Event : Wedding Reception
Date : 8th December 2012
Venue : Felda Perdana Hall, K.L

Honestly, this is the most fabulous wedding i've ever attended! ok, i knew it smells luxurious but that was not the main determination of my anticipation here. i looked at the overall presentation, the decoration, the dais, the food, the venue, the gift and the flow of the whole event.

Lets focus on the pelamin (dais) which was actually petty with just featuring a sophisticated bold red sofa and bunch of white flowers around it. thats it! but i should admit that i love the simplicity of it since the '100 KM' aisle to the dais was already heavily decor with flowers, chandeliers and candles stands. so, i guess we had enough if it. hehe..i know that i sound like a pro but please know that i've a desire to open up my own wedding planner boutique, insyAllah..  ;)

Next, i've no complaint regarding on the food. i'm starving on that night and i really can't wait for the dome to be open by the waiter. hahaha..the hunger me who asked for an added rice is quite scary though~! X)

Then, let me share my family photos starting with our nanny who already 100 years old! its quite sad when she can't remember me anymore. looking back at 2 years ago, she is very different in which she was tougher, healthier and surely, remember who i am! hmmm..thats why people are scared with the increment of the age number, right?! embah, (grandmother in a Javanese language) saya sayang kamu.. ;'(

 embah kesayangan ku.... 
my only one along..
mom with her very 1st grandchild..si Nyonyot! hehe
 my super dad! heh heh super cool and super diner! ;P
the havoc aunties & cousies!
the Retis! haha..as sweet as her name, Farhana Qismina.
the uncle and cousies..
the Q!
 with Fazli Zainal from the 1st Malaysian Idol.
 the bridesmaid..oh, love her dress!

If you notice, i don't have the full photos of both the bride and groom since the pro-photographers were busy all over the place. so, i just don't wanna ruin their professional works huhu. plus, just look at the queue of people who wanna shake hands with the couples...hmm...eventually, i just too lazy to buzz around the crowd!

Anyhow, another crucial gist of the wedding is the bridalwear was exclusively designed by Jovian Mandagie. oh God, another fabulous touched by my fav local designer. honestly, it looks absolutely gorgeous when she walked down the aisle, just take a sneak peek on the photo no.5 above but it was not really my fav as when we get close-up to her. however, the devilicious RED (or maroon?~) is working perfectly on her!

BTW, Rinee you are undeniable gorgeous and yup, you're looking "HOT" dear. hehe...so, CONGRATULATION and be happy forever for both of you yar..amin..

END with pondering how can i entertain 3 wedding invitations on this coming weekend?! (>"<)

*** Photos are credited to SizzlingSuzai ***


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