#1 - The delirious duck faces!

#2 - The amusement!

#3 - The Dashing look of the Colgate ads!

#4 - Blowing the birthday candle look-a-like!

#5 - We're back to normal..

POLAROID or an instant camera is a type of camera that generates a developed film image. truth to be told, you can have it instead of the super power DSLR if you gotta smaller budget but think about the future. the film paper is quite expensive though plus minus other reasons as below:

1- again, the film paper is quite pricey!
2- need to be ready with the overloaded 'hardcopy' photos.
3- once you click the snap button, cannot make a U-turn! haha
4- cannot edit the softcopy in photoshop/picasa/lightroom software maa...
5- cannot straight away post on the FB wall since it need to be scan/etc

haha..they are just my personal reasons but seriously, i'd love to have one. oh, especially the LOMO! they are very cute and very fashionable. my favourite is the Fisheye, the Spinner 360 degree and Diana effect. look, the name is already sounds too cool. can you imagine how cool the finished look of those photo?! hehe..its all about money babeh~ ^^

Insyallah, will get one for myself before going to honeymoon with the unknown future husband. haha..anyhow, those photos above were capture by my CanonEOS and had undergo editing using the beloved picasa and photoshop. haha..guys, please impress by my hardworking in giving you the best pics!

Oh, its FRIDAY again. love it and HAPPY FRIDAY peeps. i gotta wedding to be attend on tomorrow and yup, another classy yet debonair look is coming! =)


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