Wondrous Weekend!

A visit to the Forever 21 @Mid Valley.

Basically, i started the wonderful weekend with the late hangout with my bestie as i've posted on the previous update. then, the unplanned family outing to the Mid Valley gave me the opportunity to visit the Mid Valley's F21 for the first time! yup, i've been so excited since the day i know about the opening but i just don't find the right time and space.

Thus, i've successfully made a quick shopping on that night since it is quite a long time that i'm not doing any shopping(seriously~? haha) and the fact that, gaji i pun dah masuk kan~ hehe..so, it was such a great moment although it was short and fast! i was freaking fascinated by the spacious store which has two levels exhibiting their fashionable items. huhu..still can't get enough of it!

High tea with the babes @Alamanda.

Sunday was quite messy when i need to straight away rush to the Alamanda, Putrajaya to meet the girls once i got back from a cousin's wedding in K.L. yup, surely there will be a special post about it since the fact that i love wedding so much! hehe..

Honestly, i feel sorry to them as i was unable to join the MAHA visit-sambil-belajar kan..haha because of two valid excuses. one, i need to attend my cousin's wedding and two, i'm not interested at all! haha..dear babes, you guys know the reason kan, haha...don't be mad har~ XD

And the Sunday night ended with a distressful feeling of missing on someone..... *stupid*


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  1. hehehe awak lain dear...klu i dh jd isteri org pon kna dok umah diam diam je..hehehhe


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