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Oh, why don't i plan to get married on this amazing date?! so, my lovely hubby won't have any excuses forgetting our anniversary. haha..by the way, it is not the date that determine the unforgettable moment right? it is about how much the love, sacrifices and happiness between the couple...

Oh, i know that lately i kept on talking about heart, soul, missing someone like hell, L-O-V-E and all the stupid cupid thingy! hmmm...missing him already...

*next topic please*

haha..so, the 2012 is nearly coming to the end. before we say "hello" to 2013, let me wrapping up my 2012 A BIT! beforehand. what did i've boastfully achieved and what does not happen yet.

First thing first, I've completed my studies and officially graduated on the 28th IIUM Convocation. yeaahoooo, that was the BIGGEST deal out of all! then, i started a new stage which is building up my career path although right now, the plot is still in the beginning graph. never mind as we've the 2013 to continue the legacy..haha insyallah. another crucial point is i've successfully owned a PASSPORT! hahaha...that was my aim since i learned the geography subject in school. yup, the next big thing should be temporary going out from Malaysia which the Jakarta->Bandung vacation.



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  1. nak kawin nnt jgn lupa kemput tau! *eh. =)

  2. congrats dik....btw, rindu call or jumpa je la....hehe....nnt jadi majlis jgn lupa jemput....tehehehe

  3. hahhahaha...en.Zamri camne i nk invite u??! u mmg wajib ade kat ctu bcoz u r my tetttttt gr**m HAHHAHAHHAHA...LOL joking! XD no hal lah mslahnyerrr BILERRR?? i pon xtau dear..huh

  4. k-ogosh--> OMG OMG OMG kak u dh slh phm la!!! mane ade sy plan nk kawen bler la plak....warghhhh nk bnages IM SINGLE ok that was just a conspiracy! hahahhahaha adoi!!

  5. Congratulations for the graduation! :D


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