We're Going Crazy Over Our Fav Dish!

Dear diary,

9.00 p.m: Do we look zany or stupidly crazy?! hehe..as a matter of fact, our hangout is always the best moment happened. we don't need any special plan as eating and gossiping are the most crucial activities and yup, it is more than fun! 

9.30 p.m: We were actually craving over our favourite dish, the cheesy rice from the Pepper Lunch. yup, we've both shared the common interest when it comes about food. hehe...if you are the loyal visitor, you must have noticed that i've eaten this rice frequently at the franchises all over the KL. be it at One Utama, Pavillion or this one was at the Sunway Pyramid. frankly, the one at the Food Republic of One Utama is the best ever! check the review of this 100% TEMPTATION hot plate dish by CLICK HERE.

10.00 p.m: After done with the late dinner, we blankly walked to the cinema because we've both done watching the great Twilight: Breaking Dawn! haha..so, we tried to look at any other interesting picture for the midnight movie show but unfortunately, Strawberry Cinta / Sepah The Movie / Lagenda Budak Setan 2 are really like Dushh!! opps, please do not mistakenly judge me as "Istanbul Aku Datang" was one of the best movie i've ever watched. got it?!  [^.~]

12.00 a.m: So, we continued the night by driving all the way to Damansara. the plan was lazily strolling down at the well-known uptown Kota Damansara and finding the unneeded needs! luckily, nothing was invited us to buy. Alhamdulillah...we SAVED the MONEY.

2.00 a.m: We continue chatting, gossiping, chatting, gossiping and chatting until we've both slept at 4.00 a.m. it was exhausting, tiring, dehydrating but definitely HAPPENING! haha

4.30 a.m: ZZZzzzZzzzz....kroohhh!

thanks for EVERYTHING! saya sayang kamu dan saya tahu kamu sayang saya. haha


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  1. so cute both of you!
    love your scarf!

  2. hari2 lalu pepper lunch pavi tu...sedap ka....x penah sempat nak try..btw, suka la scarf tu...

  3. tq dear =)) got d scarf from F block, mmg cantik2 tau...


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