Oh Paps, No Wonder lah~!!

By Thursday, November 29, 2012 ,

This shocking scandal between the sweetheart Kristen Stewart, 22 and her director of the 'Snow White & The Huntsman', Rupert Sanders, 41 has been the talk of the world for the past few months and i guess it is still hot since now, the Breaking Dawn is being aired all over the world! (eh, xtau letak muka kat mana lar~)

First and foremost, admittedly when i heard that she is having an intimate betrayal with a married director aged of 41, i was like "OMG, an old man is winning over the heartthrob Robert Pattinson??!" because i was imagining he is looking like this...................................

HAHAHAHA...Suzai, that is not the look of a 40s man LOL! HAHAHA...then, when i stumbled upon the steamy photos above, i was like doing the jaw dropping thing and screaming to myself, "NO WONDER LAH, HE IS ABSOLUTELY HOT HOT!!!!!" OMG, sorry Robert as i'm definitely agree with K-Stew since the 'x-factor' of him just can't be denied! are some proves.

toing! toing! toing!  =P

Oh My Godness! haha =P

Ms. Stewart, i guess we've shared common interests LOL. seriously, i won't work with him as it may be very dangerous too! hahaha...again, NO WONDER LAH bcoz HE IS BRITISH!!! oh ok, please find the connection of all the statements above...hahaha OK, I WILL STOP HERE or otherwise Liberty Ross will find me instead of K-Stew!

hahaha..can't believe as i've categorized this entry as "My CRUSHes" hahahahha...Suzai, kau memang dah gilerrr meroyan r! hahaha...thats it, i'm also very sorry to R-Patz...

END! (">.<)


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  1. haha Rob is also british la. Oh and they're back together.

  2. HAHAHAHAHHA adoi, no wonder la robert is also in my list dear...hahhaha =D

  3. LMAO!!! comel la awak ni suzai ;D


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