Bandung-Jakarta Day 1: "The Arriving"

so, here it is my vacay-diary of the Bandung-->Jakarta vacation FULL story! hehe..yup, do please expect for the bunch of photo sooner or later. Oh ok, to prevent the unwanted buffing loading, i will try my best to combine the photos plus, i will also include the useful tips and maybe some advices for your future planning yarr. hopefully it will help! :)

now, let me start with the arriving at the Bandara Husein Sasteranegara Bandung (eh, tak boleh panjang lagi ke nama airport ni~ haha), we've arrived approximately at 5.30p.m and it was already seriously dawn! its quite funny though because the flight tix stated that it took 2hrs to arrive at the destination. so, when we departed from Malaysia at 4:30p.m, surely we expected that we gonna reach Bandung at 6:30p.m right? but soon after we landed, the clock was showing 5:30p.m which is already Maghrib time and it was very dark! this is my VERY FIRST TIME travelling oversea (a.k.a batak@jakun seket lar), i'm kinda experiencing the 'culture shock' for a moment and quickly reset my mind that i'm not in Malaysia anymore! fyi, the time distance for Indonesia is just an hour late from Malaysia but Subuh is around 4:00 a.m and 6:00 a.m is already like our 8:00a.m in the morning. hehe..its fun!  =D

TIPS: (AirAsia) huhu..all people already knew this, please book your flight as early as you can because mine was 1week before and i got it at about RM600! well, you can actually get it as lower as RM200+ for both departure and return. (akuh dah kaya sangat agaknya..huh!)

then, we checked-in at our already-booked-through-Agoda hotel at the BALI WORLD HOTEL which is actually quite far from the airport and the town. yup, that is one of the weaknesses when you did an online booking although you've read the review thoughtfully! but i have no complaint regarding on the well-decor of the interior plus the 4-stars service from all the staff!  :)

TIPS: honestly, an online booking through AGODA is very convenience but you can't expect the real location. yup, the discounted pricing is quite valuable. so, what we can do here is firstly, reach the real location and when you decided to book a room, go and find any wifi and do the online booking there. it will only takes couple of minutes but seriously, its quite messy kn~, i think the best way is just take a risk and have fun! haha..oh, the cost of 1 night was RM120+

soon after we've done unpacking the stuff, the taxi driver who soon to be our tour guide for the next 4 days brought us to the famous factory outlet, "The Secret" which located at the Riau Street. fyi, a factory outlet (FO) is a place where you can get Zara, H&M, Massimo Dutti and etc with a very cheap price. haha..i'm not sure is it the original items which directly coming from factory or the rejected one or the fake one but let me tell you that the material is great plus they are in-trend! 

unfortunately, i didn't spend so much in here since this is the very 1st store. so, i was hesitant although i was already like half-crazy with all the items in there. yup, especially the scarves in the photo above. oh God, right now i regret for buying only 2 pieces!

the next venue was the TERMINAL TAS(bags) which obviously selling bags and also shoes. the bags were actually the grade A1 of a fake branding items. hmmm..personally, i'm not really interested of buying fake Prada. so, i got myself a slip-on in here with only RM11.00+. i wore it in here.

TIPS: its highly recommended for all the shoplifters to do a research on the shopping attractions beforehand. its very helpful because you can plan your shopping expenses and also the "what should i look in here" when you're in the place.

we ended the shorty DAY 1 with the Sunda food dinner at the Warung Nasi AMPERA, JL Soekarno Hatta. this is assuredly my first time trying the local food but it was OK as in it goes well with my taste buds. yup, you are COMPULSORY to try it and have a taste on each of the lauk there. simple and good!

oh, the cost for 3 persons was approximately Rp 80,000+ about RM20+. OK lah~ so, we got back to the hotel since we're tired and wanted to prepare ourselves for the hectic day of tomorrow. c ya on the DAY 2!

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TQ for reading. will be continue....  :)


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