Sweater or Jumper??

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Some call it as jumper but dear, i call it sweater! haha..whatever the name is, i just wanted to say that i love this kind of top so much. It is very simple as it is an one-piece type of garment, definitely cozy and yet easy to be style with only a pair of skinny jeans/legging. Plus the fancy pattern on it will successfully executed your other side of quirkiness!

well, although the statement is alredy there but it is not a sinful deed for you to add any other prints on the pants or maybe play with some accessories like bunch of bangles! more ideas, do please view the great article from the CHICTOPIA: EverybodyIsUgly.com 

Oh oh, i'm so excited to make my way to the Malaysia's H&M on this Saturday. Hopefully, the plan is working and i wish, i could get one piece as those above (although its not really the current trend right now as the winter is slowly moving away~).

Anyhow, here is my own version of wearing a bold coloured sweater that i've stole from my mom's old wardrobe. CLICK HERE to view the Look #58: The Most Casual Evening.

check out these celebrities who even wore it at the red carpet!

gotta same look? its not a big deal though just please, hijabi girls do not forget the pants! hihi

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